Goodbye Daddy Hello Spring

Hi, I am the Jive Bunny and I want to talk about life after losing your parents, family and best friends. I was born April 9th, 1952 in North Bay, Ontario Canada.

I was lucky to be born on Easter and I came home to a family of five girls, Judith, Patsy, Sherry, Linda and now me Bunny Joseph, a Mother Ollie and a Father Joseph Abraham Joseph.  Well, I was always big for my age and I grew up pretty fast in a very large family and to this day over 60 siblings and rising. To complete this dynasty of Jose-ph (Father of Many) of 5 sisters, with 14 grandchildren and many Great even great, greatgrandchildren, my son Joshua Joseph needs a girlfriend to have another great-grandchild. I would finally be a Grandmother before I croak.

My Mother and Father have passed away my Mom Ollie in December 2004 at the age of 81 of liver cancer and my Father Abe on March 20th, 2010 at the age of 99 on a hit of morphine from a stupid nurse that killed him at 8:35 am, as I called when the nurse told me the dreadful news. My sister Patricia had passed away the same way of lung cancer on July 22, 1995. Then my best friend Barb Pratt passed away of ovarian cancer in 2011 on November 10. I was with all of them at the time of their demise, I felt my sister come into me as I held her hand. My mother also went out with a hit of morphine and I was there to help her on her journey and it was the worse day of my life when she left us. Until the big funeral, on March 25, 2010 when we laid them all to rest with the dog Major in Union Graveyard in North Bay, Ontario.

So the moral to this story is Goodbye Daddy, Hello Spring.  My Daddy died on Spring Solstice , a new beginning for the ( Father of Many) Joseph Abraham Joseph, Feb 24, 1911-March 20, 2010 at 99 years young. Now united with Ollie Joseph, his gal only gal.

The Jive Bunny now has breast cancer for 2 years March 27th, 2017. Tired all the time and taking pills with chemotherapy every six months for bone cancer.

Spring is my birthday and is new beginnings for so many and I know my loved ones live on after death; if anywhere in my dreams. Hello Spring, winter is finally over…time to grow and love.




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